Bring Your Child To Our Chula Vista Vision Care Center ASAP!

vision-care-in-chula-vistaRoutine eye exams for children need to be started early. The reason is that vision problems can begin early in some children, and the proper treatment needs to be sought right away. Without it, your child could have problems reading books and seeing the blackboard in the classroom.

There are numerous aspects of eye health we check for, including:

  • Ability to see colors
  • Focusing abilities
  • Overall eyelid health
  • Range of vision
  • Lazy eye

Even if no symptoms are readily apparent in your child, it is still a good idea to schedule an exam to be certain nothing harmful is developing. Call us at 619-422-5361 in order to schedule a time to bring your youngster to the Chula Vista Vision Care Center. For the health of your eyes as well as the rest of your body, find a center for vision care in Chula Vista and schedule your appointment today


About dixonjessicaca

Jessica is an experienced eye care specialist.
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